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just things about myself

The moment when my mummy said to him that her daughter likes bad boys and he said it won’t work because he is a good guy. 

Have you ever tried loving yourself?
I mean really loving yourself.
Like stood in front of a mirror
with just your underwear on?
Or maybe even naked
and repeated, “this is what I am.”
What about making love with the lights on?
And afterwards laying next to each other hand in hand
talking about how your stretch marks
look like misplaced rivers
in a desert.
Have you connected your acne with a sharpie
and laughed at how much it oddly
resembles the Big Dipper?
Take the band-aids off your scars
and point them toward the sky.
Let flowers grow from your veins,
hell, let a garden grow.
Scrub off that manicure
and watch the polish swirl down
and stain the edges of the sink.
It feels good to smile with crooked teeth
and to not be able to button
the top button on those jeans.
You are the sun
the moon
and the stars
and none of those things
are perfect up close.

Kimberly Siehl | Love yourself like the constellation that you are (via hangingwallflower)

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